Getting Started

After purchasing you’ll receive several e-mails, one which includes links to download the Visual Customizer plugin and another with your SnapOrbital login information. First, follow the instructions here to install the plugin on your WordPress website.


After installation, you can configure Visual Customizer by going to LearnDash > Settings > Appearance in the WordPress admin.

From here you can customize the LearnDash elements in the following ways:

  1. Select a template style
  2. Pick a theme
  3. Customize individual colors and design elements

Let’s go through each one by one:

Visual Customizer Templates

Visual Customizer has enhanced templates for the LearnDash course, lesson, topic and quiz listings. Templates add or completely change how these elements look. Feel free to explore and find which best fits you. Here is a brief description of each available template:

Default LearnDash

The default LearnDash template, nothing is changed.

Enhanced LearnDash

This has the same look, feel and structure as the default LearnDash elements but you can add additional information for your lessons and topics like:

  • The content type (presentation, text, video, audio, etc…)
  • Estimated duration of lesson / topic
  • A short description

Expanded Style

This is a completely different display of the LearnDash elements that looks more like a timeline. Like the Enhanced LearnDash template it supports additional information like:


  • The content type (presentation, text, video, audio, etc…)
  • Estimated duration of lesson / topic
  • A short description

Custom Themes

Themes are prepackaged color, font and icon combinations that give LearnDash a dramatically different look and feel.

You can further customize the selected theme by changing the colors, icons and other design elements in the fonts and colors sub-sections.

Individual Customizations

After selecting a template and theme you can tweak individual settings in the fonts and color sections, the elements you can modify include:

  • Font sizes of common LearnDash elements
  • Colors of common LearnDash elements
  • Icon pack
  • Border radius


Updated on April 30, 2017

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