LearnDash Visual Customizer currently has the following additional shortcodes:

Course Listings


The course list shortcode will output a grid of your courses with a featured image or icon. There are the following arguments:

  • style – This can be “icon” or “banner” i.e. [[lds_course_list style=”icon”]] or [[lds_course_list style=”banner”]]
  • cols – This can be 2 or 3 and will change how many columns the courses are in, i.e. [[lds_course_list cols=”2″]]


This will output your course listing in the “Expanded Style” template, consider switching all your content listings to this style by selecting “Expanded Style” in the template option of LearnDash > Settings > Appearance > Themes.



This will output an enhanced course progress bar including an output of what percentage complete the logged in user is and how many steps are remaining.


Allows you to embed a stylized login form on your page, accepts the following arguments:

  • redirect – What web address should the user be redirected to upon successful login?
  • username – What label should be used in place of “username”
  • password – What label should be used in place of “password”
  • button – What label should be used in place of “login”
  • remember_me – What language should be used in place of “Remember Me”
  • lost_password – What wording should be used in place of “Lost Password”
Updated on May 27, 2017

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