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Site Doesn’t Match Chosen Theme or Visual Errors

If you’ve noticed that your site doesn’t exactly match the theme you’ve chosen or you’re seeing visual errors like overlapping icons then it means you likely have a theme that’s also trying to provide a custom LearnDash design. Typically there are three options at this point:

  • Switch to the “Expanded” template
  • Dequeue the offending stylesheet
  • Contact the theme provider to see if they have a way of unloading their custom layout

Switching to the Expanded Template

The “expanded” template in LearnDash > Settings > Appearance > ThemesĀ is completely different than the bundled theme and typically will display fine even if the other templates don’t. This would be a good option to try.

Dequeue the Offending Stylesheet

If you’re familiar with CSS and HTML, you can see if the styling is off because of a separate stylesheet loaded by the theme. If you can find the stylesheet slug you can add it to LearnDash > Settings > Appearance > Advanced > Dequeue Stylesheets. If you’re not familiar with CSS and HTML contact support with a link to your course listing and we’ll see if this is possible.

Contact the Theme Provider

Themes should include a way to disable their custom styling, even if it’s a bit more technical like a hook or filter. If you contact their support they should be able to provide you instructions that unload their styling and let the visual customizer work as intended.

Updated on May 7, 2017

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