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Getting Started

After purchasing you’ll receive several e-mails, one which includes links to download the Notes plugin (either LearnDash Notes or WordPress User Notes) and another with your SnapOrbital login information. First, follow the instructions here to install the plugin on your WordPress website.


After installation, you can configure the plugin by going to Settings > LearnDash Notes or Settings > WordPress User Notes

From here you can customize the plugin in the following ways:

  1. What types of content users can take notes on.
  2. The page where you’ve included the [learndash_my_notes] or [my_notes] shortcode.
  3. Appearance of the notepad including mobile display and note icon placement.

Once these items are configured, consider overriding settings on specific pages or using some of the bundled shortcodes.

Good First Steps

  1. Create a new page and call it “My Notes” or something of the like and paste this shortcode into it and save it [learndash_my_notes] — this will output a list of the logged in users notes
  2. Then go to Settings > LearnDash Notes and select the page you just created as the “Notes Listing” page
  3. While on this page go to the “Enable Notes On” section and select what types of content you’d like the notes to appear on. Typically this will be courses, lessons and topics (maybe quizes)


Updated on December 18, 2017

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