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Settings & Configuration

You can configure Private Sessions by going to LearnDash > Settings > Private Sessions with the WordPress admin.

You have the following options to configure the plugin:

Private Message Indicator Location

Choose where the indicator should appear on the site.

You can have it attached to the top, bottom or right hand side of the screen. If attached to the top or bottom of the screen you can indicate how from from the edge you’d like it to appear.

NOTE: Only administrators and group leaders can see the indicator by default. All other users will only see the indicator if they have a private session.


You can set your accent and text color if you’d like to cobrand the private sessions with your website. Accent colors and accent text are used for headings and indicator background.

Private Sessions Page

When activated the plugin will create a new page on your site to host private sessions content. This page will have a list of the current private sessions and give users who have permission the ability to create new private sessions.

If you’d like to change this page you can do so here. All the page needs is the [private_sessions]  and [create_session] shortcode.

Email Message

Private Sessions will send out a notification to the recipient each time a new message is posted. You can customize that message here.

You can use the following variables to dynamically insert content into the message:

  • %recipient_name% – Name of the person receiving the message
  • %sender_name% – Name of the person who’s sending the message
  • %site_name% – The name of your site (set in Settings > General)
  • %message% – The message itself
  • %session_url% – A link to the private session
Updated on July 14, 2017

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