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Bundled with the plugin are the following shortcodes:

All Notes

[learndash_my_notes] or [my_notes] if you have WordPress User Notes.

These shortcodes list out all of the current logged in users notes. If you’re logged in as an admin, by default you’ll see all users notes (rather than your own.)

These shortcodes support the following options:

  • display=”user” — only show the current logged in users notes even if you are an admin
  • order=”asc” / order=”desc” — show in ascending or descending order

Group Notes


Supported by LearnDash Notes only. This ouputs notes from users within a group leaders group.



If you’ve specified that you want to include the notepad icon on the page using a shortcode in the settings, use this on the pages where you’d like it to appear.

Note Editor


If you’d like to include the note taking editor right in the page, visible all the time you can use this shortcode. You must set the note icon placement as using a shortcode in the plugin settings to take advantage of this feature.

Group Notes


Supported by LearnDash Notes only. This lists all the users within the logged in users group if they are a group leader. The group leader can then click on a user to see courses they’ve enrolled in where they’ve recorded notes. Then click to access individual notes within the course. Great for providing feedback and reviewing notes if they are a part of your curriculum.

Updated on August 22, 2019

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